Artist : KEITA SANO Format :
CD Album
Title : "The Sun Child "

2016.08.10 Release

CD Album


¥2000(Tax off)

2.The Sun Child(Album Version)
3.Airport 77
4.Dance(Album Version)
5.The Porno King
7.Guess What
8.Half and Half
9.Acid Romance(Album Version)

特典として、KEITA SANO ”Live at Kyoto Metro”CDRが付きます。

Artist : XTAL Format :
CD Album
Title : "Skygazer"

2016.02.01 Release

CD Album


¥2300(Tax off)
01. Vanish Into Light (Album Version)
02. Heavenly Overtone (Album Version)
03. Mirror Made Of Rain (Album Version)
04. Unfamiliar Memories feat. Tomoki Kanda/S.Koshi
05. Red To Violet (Album Version)
06. Pihy feat. Fran-Key
07. Break The Dawn (Album Version) feat. S.Koshi
08. Steps On The Wind feat. Gonno
09. Skygazer feat. Crue-l Grand Orchestra
Artist : Varius Artists Format : CD

Title : Crue-L Cafe ll

2015.10.10 Release


¥2300(Tax off)

1.Tomoki Kanda / Everybody Wants To Rule The World(Hikaru& Miyashita's Naha City Free Feel 2 Edit)
2.Crue-L Grand Orchestra vs TBD / Barbarella's Disco
3.Magic Touch & Laura Ingalls / New York City Woman
4.Fran-Key / Soredesho
5.The Beauty / Do You Remember The First Time
6.Being Borings / LolloL(Crimea X Remix)
7.9dw / Bassa Marea
8.Crystal / Heavenly Overtone(Vakula Remix)
9.Crue-L Grand Orchestra / (You are)More Than Paradise(Theo Parrish Translation Long Version 2)
24bit Mastering by Kenji Takimi

特典として、KENJI TAKIMI "Live Mix@The Star Festival 2015 Pt.2"CDR付きます。




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